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Are you feeling lost? On an emotional roller coaster?
Experiencing the pain of loneliness?
Have you lost direction, Courage in yourself? Feeling powerless?
Experiencing a break-up, Divorce?

Welcome to my site. My name is Psychic Lisa. I was born with the psychic ability to see the past, present and future. I have been blessed with spiritual gifts from a higher power. It is my destiny and calling to help those in need of spiritual guidance. I have helped coach my clients on the path they were destined to take concerning love, marriage, relationships, career, financial issues, and inner peace. 

If you’re looking for answers concerning your future, I can help you! My psychic readings may give you accurate details (including times & dates). I can help access information about your life and love that can help you move forward in your relationships. My guidance has helped reunite and return loved ones.

Using powerful ancient psychic techniques of Tarot Cards, Psychic Intuition, Psychic Readings, Meditation, Prayer, Voice vibrations, Candles, and crystals we can energize the life force within. My clients have been helped with greater mental clarity. Understanding where you have been helps make better decisions for the future. My sessions lead to heightened relaxation, detoxification and deeper Self-understanding. They can help remove the chaos in your mind, feel fully alive and in balance. Awaken your senses! Become clear! Use positive thoughts, sounds, colors and holistic methods to heal.

I care deeply about my clients. I am not only a Psychic; I treat my clients as personal friends. They become part of my extended family. 

I offer many services including: 

*Psychic Readings *Tarot Card Readings *Palm Readings 
*New Age Psychic Readings *Past Life Readings 
*Crystal Ball Readings *Love Spells *Aura Cleansing  
*Marriage Counseling and *Relationship Repair. 

I help clear depression & anxiety. Though our psychic sessions, my guidance can help to bring passion, soul purpose back into your life, guidance to help return an ex-lover, assist you in finding your true Soulmate. Together we clear blockages that may inhibit your happy future. Sessions may vary since whatever work I do is directed towards the personal needs of each specific issue.

Using my life coaching skills I help with all love, relationship, family, friendship and career issues.

I specialize in counseling my clients through addictions and weight-loss concerns.

My sessions may provide a profound healing that is completed with each specific case.

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~Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for information purposes only, Individual results may vary from person to person, is subjective and may not apply to your specific situation. Must be 18+ and over.